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First. let me thank you for going above and beyond in trying to help with this. I really appreciate it!

Second, I copied and pasted the lines from that link into a text file and named it SIMPLE.wps, and replaced the original SIMPLE.wps with the new one ... and it works. Sort of. For the first time, I can actually see album art. YES! But, instead of the performer's name or song title appearing above the album art, as it is supposed to, the number 25. appears, in the top left corner above the art. For every song.

Did I screw it up somehow when I cut and pasted it?

EDIT: Don't know if this means anything, but I noticed this line in the wps ...

"#Platform: iRiver H3X0 (220x176x16)"

Could this mean this theme is NOT for the Sansa Fuze?

EDIT AGAIN: I compared my copy and paste job to the original and it looks like the numbers and commands are slightly misaligned ... with the commands being slightly below the numbers.

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: I went and edited the .wps file so that the command lines appear in the same line as the numbers ... and IT WORKS! YES! Song titles now appear scrolling above the art. The "25." is still there for every song, but I figure I'll just learn to live with that ...

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