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Originally Posted by Machiventa View Post
Almost every review I've read pretty much say the same thing: beautiful, snappy UI, Facebook/Zune/Xbox integration is awesome, not the greatest battery life, no copy/paste, no multitasking, no tethering, can't connect to hidden ssid, etc. but has the potential to compete with the big guys with a few firmware updates to address the problems.

No unified inbox or threaded email? What the hell? I have 3 email accounts I use constantly and a few extra ones I use seldomly. That means I'll have 6 tiles just for email. I find that unacceptable. Again, a firmware update could fix that but come on, it should be there out of the box at launch.

Does anyone know the maximum number of tiles you can have?

If the battery life and storage (hello 64GB) were better I would buy one immediately but will consider one once they're shipping here in the US.
I'm hearing totally different things on battery life...I initially heard bad things about the samsung superoled screens with wp7 but now I've read a few and it seems they are getting over a day with good usage(data, video, music, phone)...strange...

A unified email doesn't appeal to me at all...I'm more than happy to keep them separate. The only thing that would be nice if it doesn't exist is to have it like windows mobile had where you can swipe left to right to go to a different account rather than having to go back to the main...if they have some way to check a different account when you are in the email hub I'm happy...

I read somewhere about the number of tiles allowed but I can't find it now...silly that it's not shown on the official windows phone 7 site...
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