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Originally Posted by No2iZod View Post
OK, when you open your Zune software, click on Settings near the top right of the window. Then click on General (last link at bottom of list on left). Then click on the About Zune button under Information. My software is version 4.7.1404.0.

My Zune firmware version is also 3.30. It shows (39) right after (maybe the build number), and then Bootloader 1620 below. What does yours say for those two numbers?

Well, that is a bummer that the new software may have deleted the EQ. While I would have liked to have the EQ, in all honesty the sound is much better than I anticipated. In the car, I use the head unit EQ (I have been using the DLO Transdock that I picked up from Newegg for $3), so that is not a problem. With headphones the sound is very nice, though I must admit I am not using the stock buds that came with it. Those are saved in a drawer for the next airplane flight when I don't want to be using my nice cans while falling asleep in "public".
Last night I checked my Z80(120) and saw there was no equalizer .
Seems it was deleted on a recent update. I am curious to know why. See the enclosed photos:

I'll have to do some research as I am interested to know why it was removed. Bummer!
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