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Default Zen Vision:M is stuck in Scan disk mode...

I dropped my zen this morning and It turned right back on and went to recovery mode. Nothing else would work but the Clean up now im stuck in Scan Disk mode. can u help me solve my problem?
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Open it up, check if the harddisk is still connected.
If its not, stick the cable back in again so it is.

if it is:
boot it up
listen to the harddisk if it makes a looping tick sound its very possible it is broken(happened to my old one =[)
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truly sounds like a hard disk problem. There are countless threads on this subject and also how to replace the hard drive.
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Default ticking sound --> hard drive broken

So my zen is making that ticking sound

1) so this means definitely that my hard drive is broken? cant be any other problem?

2) is there anyway i can still recover my files?
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No expert with HDD DAPs, but I would tend to say yes, your disk has issues.

Here is a last ditch effort to try if you are willing [I am NOT recommending that you do this - the decision is yours].

I have in the past with several malfunctioning PC HDD drives taken something like a screwdriver handle and giving the HDD drive casing a sharp, quick rap/tap. This has often caused the "locked" HDD arm/head to loosen and release from its stuck position, which is probably what has happened in your case.

Again, the decision to try this is yours. But I think at this point, unless there are better suggestions and you have tried everything above, you got nothing to lose.

And no, as long as the drive is "ticking" you will not be able to access your files/music.
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