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If your main concern is battery life and SQ in Rockbox I would order a new Fuze . It's been a while since anyone has reported seeing a new V1 Sansa Fuze so it seems almost certain if you order order a new Sansa Fuze from Amazon you'll get a V2.

saratoga's evaluation from yesterday concerning the differences in SQ between the e200v2 vs Fuzev2 holds true across the board for all AMS Sansas. There isn't one. As far as battery life in Rockbox it's lower in the e200 V2 series so that seems to disqualify that. The V2 Fuze has a significantly longer battery life in Rockbox.

I put a new battery in my 3 year old e250 a few months ago and it works well. The only problem is that the click wheel is starting to show signs of failure. Nothing serious yet but I'm starting to believe that the useful life of the battery will be longer than the player. The concept of a user replaceable battery isn't very sound if the battery outlasts the player.

I'd stop worrying about the listed capabilities of the various chips. It's the final performance that counts rather than any listed specs. With the exception of battery life they all perform pretty much the same regardless of the chip version. Any known issues are listed on the Sansa AMS status page. Unless you're an expert on chip performance that will be much more informative.
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