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Default Flash App for The Bible

Hey is there a flash app floating around for the bible? I searched for a little while but cant find one at all.
I am not too keen on what the flash feature is capable of on my P3, but if I had a Bible app it wouldnt need to be too much complicated. I would maybe like to it to be searchable, or have a list of books to choose from.
And if it was the NIV version would be grand

I did put a txt file of The Bible on my P3. Whew, no skip to feature and when it was closed it went back to the beginning. Need something a little better.

Thanks to anyone that can shed some light on this.
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I too have look, but I haven't been able to find anything either

one possible solution:
the texts menu supports folders, you could make a folder for each book>chapter.
sadly, I haven't found anyone that has done this already, and I don't have to time, but it is possible
PS, if you do it, lemmie have it
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I will just wait till i get my electronic Bible i guess ... ( This one is a good one if you are interested.. )

I did find This download for my original topic. Very basic and is only KJV but it will work for now.
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