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Default T7 Volcano -A steaming pile of ...

I just purchased a new T7 4GB Volcano from .

As a happy user of a T30, I thought that most reviews were decent enough to give it a shot and they
were running a sale on the website.
What a mistake.

If you want to switch from MTP to MSC, it automatically formats the unit and you will lose any data on it.
Battery life is terrible, less than 2 hours on a full charge.
The unit won't recognize *.pla playlists created with iRiver's own software.
You will ALWAYS get an error message that says "This file format is not supported" any time you try to execute a playlist.
The EQ is a joke.
Choosing the custom EQ or SRS results in a substantial gain reduction when the opposite should be the case.

This POS is going right back to iRiver.
Don't waste your money.
iRiver has officially jumped the shark and has begun it's death spiral.

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Yes, it's a really horrible player:
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Yes, it's a really horrible player:

Yeah, I read it. :-(
I figured they would have fixed at least some of the issues by now, but I was wrong.

Back to my old reliable iRiver T30 and my Sansa Fuze & E250.
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Several firmware updates later and playlists do work now in UMS mode but with one SERIOUS caveat.

You can NOT use the browse function to locate playlists and execute them directly.
You must access the playlists from the 'My Playlists' menu in MUSIC.

This is different from every previous player that iRiver made.
While both areas point to the playlists folder, only the 'My Playlists' menu option allows you to execute them.
I have only tested this in UMS mode because when you change to MTP mode the unit is formatted and you lose all music on the device.
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HI, i have a problem, i would be glad to answer me soon, i have a irivet t7, and because i didn't know that mp3 should not be format, i format it, and after that my pc does not recognize the mp3 in usb, please help me
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so pleased (and sorry) to see that other people are having the sa, issues, i got mine off and i was ready to blame the site (although i have since made very smooth purchases) but apparently not, how did you go about getting your money back?? i resent having paid for this!! youre so right, doesnt even compare to the good old t30. shocking that newer models are taking a step back, how hard is it to give a product to a consumer group of average consumers for a week and see how awful they find it. jeez.
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