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Default How does added SD memory work?

If you have, for example, an 8GB Fuze, and you add a 16GB MicroSDHC card, do you end up with 24GB of contiguous storage space? I thought I read somewhere that the internal and card storage weren't combined as neatly as one would hope.

Can the Fuze use the newer 32GB cards on the market?
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Any card up to 32GB should work.
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Is it worth owning more than one card? That is, can you just pop one out and another one in and have a different music library, or is it more involved than that? Does it have to rescan the whole music library when you put a new card in?
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Hey Carson, welcome to ABi...

Sure, get as many cards as you want

On the stock Fuze, your music collections on the main mem and the card are treated as one huge library if your ID3 tags are present and correct. However, under MUSIC>FOLDERS you will see your main mem and microSDHC card listed separately.

When you connect the Fuze with a card to your PC [make sure you use only MSC mode!], you will be shown 2 drive letters, one for the main mem of the Fuze and 1 for your card.

And yes, if you have multiple cards, I believe the Fuze does rescan each time.

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