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You can't really do anything wrong so there's no need to be on edge. There haven't been any recent reports of anyone being seriously injured while making a playlist on a Rockboxed Sansa. The developers worked out the bug that made them explode when it was done wrong quite a while ago.

You've opened the context menu.You seem to be stopping there. There are further options inside each of the items listed there. You have to scroll to the option you want and select the action you want to perform.

If you've created a few of the pre-made playlists I describe and you want to add a song to one the steps would be,

1) long Select a file, that should bring up the Context menu

2) scroll to Playlist Catalog, Select that

3) scroll to Add to Playlist , Select that, you should see a list of the pre-made playlists.

4) Scroll to the one you would like to add the file to, Select that.

You've now added that file to that playlist. When you open the Playlist folder and select that playlist the file you've just added should play.

The context menu may be different in the Database screen, WPS screen and the screens in the File browser but they each have the options I've listed to make a playlist. I believe at this point you need to dig them out and find how to use them. Run through the steps a few times and you should be putting together playlists in short order. Good Luck.
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