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Originally Posted by Charger View Post
Even If I delete the files?

Well anyways I did a risky thing (I wasn't mad btw, just decided to try it) I gave my Sansa Fuze a hard bump against my table, and it turned on lol.

Everything looks fine, and rockbox is working.

Scary Situation, 3 times this month my sansa fuze had almost died.
Thank you -- this helped me, too.

My Sansa Fuze v1 also had the white screen problem, but when booting into RockBox it continued the playback where it left off before. The keys and the wheel remained responsive. I could not tell what exactly went on when booting into the original firmware, since that I did not shut down playing anything. However, the wheel appeared to remain functional, because the light came on when turning.

I tried it on my knee, to be a little bit gentler with it. IT WORKED. It comes on fine, boots into both the native OS and into RockBox.

I should add that it turned on with the white screen before, but a restart always helped.

All these symptoms make me think that there may be a hardware (bad contact?) issue behind the problem. With the LCD itself?

I hope this may help somebody else, too...

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