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nothing to do.
after i did a memory format from the player, i started to some tests with album art, using variuos linux players to transfer music.
The problem of the last post, must be related to a particular portion of the transfer process, OR, as I see it, it must depends from the original album art cover dimension.
By the way those are the test result so far.
Banshee 1.9 - transfer music without problem, but keep me returning bad covers on the player. it's a random process. sometimes cover are included correctly, sometimes not. for example: first time i transferred the whole album "wake up" by john legends and the roots, cover on the player was screwed up. second time it transferred good.
Clementine 5.3 - music transfer is as flawless as for banshee, maybe quicker, but same result for cover art. the "American Gangster" OST transferred correctly. the "A place to call home" cover by joey tempest has visualizing errors on the player.
I will do some more tests (Rhythmbox, Exaile and so on) but as i perceive the thing, is libmtp and THIS player not going hand in hand.
For instance, same music on P2 has never had any difficulties. cover art are ALL correct, and same for the music.
Again, any suggestion/help/trick?
Uh, almost forgot. some albums, worked with easy tag on ubuntu, and so, every song on an album has his own cover, are not recognized by the player. so it will use the standard vinyl image. is the case for "The Future is Now" by Non Phixion.
any help will be appreciated. thank you
(i hate not having cover art on my pmp)
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