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Default rockbox sansa fuze, laggy?

as above, do you find the player lags a little after rockboxing it? and may i know which IEMs goes well with the sansa fuze, I'm actually looking at etymotic research er6i or mc5, however, I'm leaning more towards the er6i, but seen some reviews that wiring is pretty bad or fragile on the er6i. I don't go to the gym or running with these, do you guys think it will be suitable for my usage?

and, does it really have more bass on the mc5?
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Hey...I can honestly say that since RB'ing my Fuze back in August 2010, the device itself runs as fast or faster than the original FW. Zero lag that I have observed. Period.

As for IEMs, some more info please.

- budget?
- what kind of music?
- where are you geographically?

The Fuze, whether RB'd or not, should be ok with driving the vast majority of IEMs out there AFAIK....

cheers and good hunting,
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@OP: are you talking about the Fuze being slow in the OF or in Rockbox? Either way, I haven't had any slowdown/lag before or after installing Rockbox. Rockbox actually runs quite a bit faster than the OF, as lestatar said.
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I've never noticed any lagging in rockbox. However I've been using rockbox exclusively since around 2004 or so, and haven't really tried the of in any of the devices since then.

About IEM's - it's really a matter of personal taste. I've got a bunch of them, but the etymotic hf3's are what I use the most. I haven't compared them to other ones by etymotic - can't afford them. And yes, the build quality seems a bit shady, but I haven't had any problems with mine yet. I also have some Shure se115's, which also sound great, but are uncomfortable, although they're built like tanks.
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