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Originally Posted by Carson Dyle View Post
I've had Rockbox 3.7.1 loaded on my Fuze v2 since the day I got it. IMO, there is both good and bad.

The user interface is something only a geek could truly appreciate (and obviously designed by programmers). It took me a few days of ****ing around with it and looking in the manual just to become comfortable with the different button functions. Like you say, they're not always intuitive, nor consistent, and there are shortcuts that sometimes behave a little strangely. I'm still surprised every once in a while where I end up when I press a certain button. If I hand the Fuze to someone who hasn't used Rockbox they have no clue what they're doing and are quickly frustrated.

One of the things I like most compared to the original firmware is the ability to browse by Album Artist and not have to see all of the one-track artists in the database. Or, if I do want to see them, I can browse by Artist.

Another positive is that I get to re-index the files when I want to, unlike the original firmware where it insists on scanning the files every time it's detached from a USB connection. Also, the scanning happens in the background, and seems quite fast.

The ability to have different 'themes' is kinda nice, but also a bit primitive. The best part is being able to change font size, either giving you more information on the screen, or, if you're eyesight is poor, much larger text.
Primitive is the word I would use to describe the Fuze's factory interface. I haven't used the Sansa firmware on any of my four Sansas since trying Rockbox, and probably won't ever again.
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