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Originally Posted by flyinonice View Post
I've seen in another thread here someone had taken apart their player. In it we are able to see the model and brand of hard drive. Would it be possible or does it look likely at all that we could upgrade to a larger hard drive in the future? 160gb is a large amount of music, but with flac I am upwards of that capacity now. Itd be nice to know if i bought the player there is a chance to upgrade the hard drive in the future.
I doubt we'll know until someone actually tries it. The Cowon firmware might try to format drives as 160gb or 120gb depending on model, but then you could always format the drive from a PC instead which might unlock the full capacity.

I use flac too, most of my music is encoded from CDs, flac is a very convenient and portable way of backing them up.

As for that suggestion of Archos and 'only' sacrificing sound quality - that's not a compromise, it's like buying a car without wheels because the seats are comfy.
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