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Default Displaying lyrics on X7 or J3

Using LDB manager I found how to tag lyrics to songs and once tagged it really is good. It follows the singing perfectly as in Karaoke. On the J3 you get about 3 lines at a time but on the X& about 8 and as the words are sung the words are highlighted. Unfortunately LDB Manager has a very small database and couldn't find anything by Tom Waits whose lyrics aren't always easy to follow (especially his later stuff!). Found quite a few of Lennon's but none of McCartney! I have tried other taggers but these don't show up. It seems LDB or LDB. Big choice! Has anyone found any other software which works and with a reasonable database?
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how do u display the lyrics on the X7?
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To display karaoke style display (the words get highlighted as they are sung), use iAudio LDB manager which you can download for free. Once installed, add your MP3s and select them all...then "mark". You need to select S9 on the top left against lyric database. All lyrics found will attach themselves to the tracks. Don't forget to turn on display lyrics on the J3/X7.
A less satisfactory but still effective way is to copy and paste lyrics on the web into notepad and save them on the player. As the song is playing you could read the lyrics through documents.
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