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Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post
Not everybody would want to do this. Some folks would want their "base" music on the internal memory, and variable stuff on the micro card. For example, load a micro card with Christmas tunes and plug it in on Dec 1st and remove it on Dec 26th.

Also, software like WMP was created to be generic. You cannot expect it to perform perfectly with every device out there.

So I think your expectations are a bit high.

BTW, this is a one time only problem. Once you have the player and card loaded, you shouldn't need to do this again.

Although I'm late to the discussion I'll add my thoughts since they may help the original poster and others. I had the same concept when I first got my Fuze, thinking of and trying to work with all of the memory, internal memory and memory card, as one single unit. I soon found trying to work with it that way created a great deal of confusion and work for me when managing the files loaded on my player.

The concept that worked for me is to treat the internal memory and the memory card as separate players when loading music on my player. Then, it just became a matter of deciding which "player" I wanted a particular group of files on.

This also simplified the issue of playlists. Although its possible to have a playlist consisting of files from both locations, it is much simpler to put the playlist and its files into one location or the other.

This has made music management with my Fuze much easier, and I hope it helps others.
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