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Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post

There are several ways to create playlists on a Fuze. Unfortunately, Sandisk mentions Windows Media Player in the user guide. This is probably the poorest choice (based on forum discussions, as well as personal opinion). Search the forum for playlist and you will find several threads with info on playlists. One choice to check out is a program called video4fuze. Although I have not used it, it is recommended for adding videos to your player AND (I'm pretty sure) for creating playlists.

I agree about Windows Media Player (WMP). My experiences with it (especially with album art) caused me to seek out other music management software.

I came across MediaMonkey (MM) and found it to be a vast improvement in many ways over WMP. I've used with it with my Sansa Fuze and Sony players and it works perfectly with them, including creating playlists (both regular playlists and autoplaylists) and loading them on my player.

Using MM, I've not had the problem with duplicate songs on my Sansa Fuze. I create a playlist in MM, and sync that playlist with my player (either to the internal memory or to the memory card). The playlists and the songs it contains are sent to my player in the proper location. The only time a song duplicates is if I have a song that appears in two (or more) playlists and set a playlist to sync with the internal memory and another to sync with the memory card.

MM's main limitation is that it is designed to work with music and not with videos and pictures. Since I use my players for music, it hasn't been an issue for me.
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