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It would appear that SanDisk is doing something really strange here. I have 3 Fuze and 1 e280 and all have the multiple partitions. One Fuze has the identical table as yours, the other 2(purchased recently) have the same block sizes but the start, stop, logical and physical numbers are different. The numbers don't add up anywhere near 4GB. When a Fuze is mounted it shows a 3.7GB partition(4GB less overhead - about what you would expect). My e280 is different, it has one W95 FAT32 partition with 7833300 blocks and one OS/2 hidden C: drive partition with 20480 blocks. The e280 partitions at least look reasonable. I'm not sure what kind of game SanDisk is playing here, especially with the Fuze. I am assuming that the firmware is aware of what is going on and how to present it properly through the USB connection.

This doesn't help me to get around my current problem with the older Fuze that currently won't boot. It reports needing 90GB of space for the database, then shuts down. When hooked to my Debian box I can't mount the Sansa Fuze, but the SD card mounts fine. Put the Fuze on a Mac and it mounts, but can't delete anything. It puts it in the trash and will not delete the trash. I guess I'll try a PC next to see if it works any better there. Strange!

Still looking, but so far have not been able to find a posting of what is really going on with the partition tables. It would appear that as strange as they look, it works -- most of the time.
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