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Default battery life (an mp3 is an mp3 is an mp3?)

Prior to buying the S545 recently I kept reading about it's **outstanding** battery life.

I sometimes leave it running (on timer) at night while I drift off, and last night had the sleep timer set to power down after one hour. I started with a full battery and this morning the battery is already down.

I'm listening to an mp3 podcast. Should it be more draining than music files?

On a side note, does putting it on "hold" make a difference? I wouldn't have thought so. That's the only thing I did differently: I set the thing playing, set up the sleep timer, then put it on hold.

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Only thought -- was it a video podcast? Sometimes they'll do something silly like encode video to go with it while just having a symbol up there. Should compress well but that might keep your player's screen on rather than turning off as it should when playing just audio. Grasping at straws here.
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Good tip from gregmuir - can't think of anything else myself. I don't do podcasts at all, but if its simply audio, you should still get baseline battery life from the S series, real world around 30-35 AFAIK.

How old is your S? What model? S545? Maybe a lemon?

Try this:
Fully charge your S545. Run a battery benchmark - play an mp3 album on infinite repeat. Note start time. Walk away for 24 hours and see where you are at.
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^^ Same Problem Told U aBout it...Will Try Ur Method

Anything about volume?

I Generally keep it at 20
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