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Originally Posted by dmistry View Post

If you really want to avoid the EU volume limit as I did, then if you have ebay, I suggest you purchase this one.

I have purchased this and already am enjoying the unlimited sound because when I turn it up to the maximum (with bass full), I can actually hear the earphone speakers distort a lot (obviously, they were not worn while testing this). But I do guarantee to you the link above sells the Asian version (not Japanese) and the display is 100% in English and selectable in other languages.

It may cost more than the EU versions, but would you spend more money on something you want that is unlimited in volume than the EU version that costs less.

I paid around ~ £150 and am very happy with it.


Thanks - that does seem about the only way to get an S755 without volume limitation; alas that is just too much money for me, that is getting into 8Gb J3 territory and the J3 is a better player for its expandability.

I'm annoyed with Sony. When i first came onto this forum looking for a new player I soon found out about the EU volume limitation, which, as far as i know, is circumventable on just about every other brand of DAP. i probably would have gone for a Sony if it wasn't for this as I loved my old A series - brought out before this stalinist EU law was widely implemented - but its battery died after 2 years.

i decided to get a Clip+ as everyone rightly raved about it, then i got lucky and found an i9 for only £40. I could still do with one more player but haven't decided what it will be, but not the S755 at £150. I think the £119 Sony UK wants is reasonable if it weren't for the above.

I'm thinking maybe a Samsung Q3 when they come out.
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