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Originally Posted by lilbitgal View Post
Looking at the above tags, you may want to change the name from "Chapter 1a" to "Chapter 01a" to ensure that the tracks sort in the correct order.

I figured this problem out and have put in the number of 0's needed to keep it in numerical order.

The ID3 tags are part of an MP3 file that contains information about the song. The following are just of the items that they can contain: song title, artist, album, album artist, genre, and album art. The following thread can provide you with more information on ID3 tags:

Okay, I read through this thread and followed some of the links there and read them. Then I went into iTunes and played around with the options and the only thing I could find that showed any type of ID was "kind" and it just says MP3 Audio File or AAC Audio File. Nothing that gave any specific tag numbers like ID3v1, etc. Is this necessary? Do I need one of those tag programs? Would I use that instead of iTunes or in conjunction? I can tell I've got a lot of learning to do.

I did find the track number tag and it shows "1/17" style. I'm going to do another book today and see if I can set it up and have it work on the MP3 Player. Setting up the information takes hours for a large book. I've been doing file by at a time. I can't find a place to let me do a "fill down" like on the Artist or Album since they are all the same. I can see that doing the hundreds of books my husband has is going to take me some time.

Thanks for being so helpful.
I'm glad to help where I can.

I did a check in iTunes and it is possible to change the ID3 tag version for a file or a range of files. Just right click on a file and select "Convert ID3 tags..." Check "ID3 Tag version:" and select the version. I've found that Version 2.3 works best with my player.

Based on my reading, the version of the ID3 tag is important because some players can have issues with some versions of the ID3 tag. Also, some versions of the ID3 tag have limitations.

On the mass update of files, if you are using iTunes you can to a mass update of information of a number of files at the same time. Just do the following:

- Click on the first file you want to update.

-- If you want to update all of the listed items, hit Control-A. All of the listed files will be selected.

-- If you want to pick a range of files, hold the shift button and click on the last file you want to select. All of the files between the first and last will also be selected.

-- If you want to choose various items that are not together, hold the Control key while selecting the files. Each file you click on will be selected.

- Right click on one of the selected files and select "Get Info" from the pop up menu. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to update all of the selected items at once.

At this point, from this screen you can update all of the selected items.

As far as updating a series of items (such as updating a series of track numbers), one way to do it is to edit the information on the first file and then click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the window. It will update the change you made, and move on to the next item. The cursor will remain in the same place in the new file.

As far as using multiple programs, my own experience is that it is best to use only one program with your files. I use MediaMonkey to manage my music and it is the only program that I allow to access those files. Using two or more programs to access the same files can lead to tagging problems (such as if two programs tag the same information in different ways).
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