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Default [REVIEW] Samsung Focus Body Glove Snap-On Case

I'll kick this off....

Samsung Focus - Bodyglove snap-on case.
Rating 4/5

Pros - Extras grip, Extra protection, Good button access, Not too heavy, just right total weight and form factor

Cons - Nothing to really mention.






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I never understood casings for phones, it's not like most shatter when you drop them on the floor. They just make the device look uglier than it actually is, not to mention a bulkier fit in your pocket. My pocket does most of my phone's protection, I don't play hot potato with it.

Screen protectors on a capacitive device ticks me off the most though, you don't need to worry about scratches since you'll be using sausage fingers to touch the device. Now for resistive, that's a different story; one scratch makes the stylus glide horrible.

I guess phones just aren't as durable as they used to be, but Blackberry cases are a different story. Automatically turning on the screen when you take it out of the pouch is very useful.
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Yeah I haven't worried about the screen protector - however with the Focus having such a small form factor - and the thin plastic rear plate, I felt I needed to "toughen" it up a little.

The bodyglove case is a nice compromise. It probably increases the weight by almost a 1/3, however the phone still nicely fits into a shirt pocket. With the case, the phone is only about 15mm thick (just over 1/2 an inch). The extra grip (the Focus can be a slippery little sucker) is really noticeable.

All-in-all for me, I just feel happier knowing that I have protected my investment (importing them to AUS ain't cheap!) about as well as I can.
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Renamed appropriately. Please continue to post product reviews in their own thread, so that they get the proper individual attention. When I go through and clean up this week, I'll make the same sticky I've got in the Android forum for a review umbrella.
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