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Default Notepad?

I'm don't know a lot about creating flash programs, but I was wondering would it be possible to create a app similar to notepad using flash?
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What do you mean like open/editing/saving text files?
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you might have luck with gnotepad for the Cowon S9.... the keys might be a bit too small though...
anyway, since the P3 has a built in notepad, I don't see a use for one as a Flash app...
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Old 06-09-2009, 11:40 AM
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give this puppy a go

it works pretty well!
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Dont you like the built in memo pad?
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G-Notepad is a great notepad app but you can't save your notes with the Samsung P3. I don't think you can create any app who can save and afterwards load something on the P3. And the build-in notepad is kinda slow, but it works.
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