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Originally Posted by ATP123 View Post
nope. read the box and it says wmv, mpeg4, and H.264. These are the only format that's compatible with the p3. I have a few movies in my p3.
No, you're wrong. The extension ".avi" and ".mp4" can be converted with the H.264 and MPEG4 codecs. Every movie I watch on my P3 is avi or mp4 so don't say you can't.

Originally Posted by Australian p3 View Post
download a program called handbrake and encode it as the ipod touch setting and make sure the destination ends in .mp4 and not .m4v. The flv movie can be placed into the flash folder( in my pack i think). Also make sure your videos have been placed into the video folder. Good Luck
No, the P3 can play flashfiles with swf-extension. FlashVideo (FLV) is not supported.

Originally Posted by takada93 View Post
Hi everyone.I'm from Viet Nam

My P3 can't play video files (*flv,*mp4,*mpg,*avi...).It only plays audio files.
Please help me resolve this problem!
Sorry.I'm not good at English

Thank you so much
Here are some sollutions:
1. Make sure you place the files into the video-folder (ex. "F:\Video")
2. Make sure it is an avi, mp4 or wmv
3. If it isn't or it still doesn't work, download FormatFactory here, and convert your movie to .avi (MPEG4), .wmv (WMV9) or .mp4 (AVC) with a maximum resolution of 640x480.

If this still doesn't work, completely reset and format your device, install the latest firmware and try again.
Good luck!
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