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Originally Posted by Greg_E View Post
Anyone hear/read rumors about these new Archos tablets getting the newest version of the OS? Apparently the honeycomb version leaves out all the phone stuff since most tablets are not phones (but phones may be tablets).
I met with Archos while i was at CES and they did say that they would be getting Honeycomb.

I had a chance to check out all of their tablets too and i was quite impressed. Really solid hardware at good price points. What i really like is that they dont try to do anything fancy with the UI its relatively stock with the exception of their media apps and widgets but i believe they can be uninstaller anyway if you want to use other media apps. Archos was always a bit rough in the MP3 and PMP arena, but i certainly think they are on the right path with their 8th gen tablets.

I dont think Archos expected the demand they got for these, they are hard to find in retail and are often out of stock on their site.
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