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Thanks. I decided to go ahead and order a 43 directly from Archos, for the $10 difference from other places at least I know I should be able to get one.

And there is NO WAY I will give Apple any of my money, WhyTF would you even suggest that in a place that is listed as "Anything But iPod"? I work with Apple products at work and they constantly piss me off, they (Apple) never think twice about making features obsolete (even on server products). They will not get any of my personal money because they are constantly sticking their hand back in your pocket for an OS upgrade. This especially pissed me off when they obsoleted an application that is built on a "special" version of Apache (you know, the open source web server???), this happened withing a single year and just outside of our default Applecare so no free upgrade! I do not like the way they do business so I will not buy their products with my hard earned money!

And the SD card slot was the thing that stopped me from buying the 32, if it (32) had a card slot I probably would have gone ahead and bought the 32 because with a card the internal 8GB would have been enough storage, but without the card I'm not sure it would be enough without having transfers far too often. Or if the 32 had a 16GB option, I probably would have bought it weeks ago.

And Archos still didn't notify me that they were in stock, but I know I can receive emails from them because I have the order confirmation.

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