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Interesting, actually ..

I just went out to the shop and bought myself an Archos 3 vision. It was small, cheap, and had a FM transmitter which might prove useful. Then I fired it up, tested it with my Sennheiser earphones and .. decided to take it back.

This thing is useless:
- won't read id3v2 tags, I had to convert some to id3v1 for testing
- won't order your song in correct order (album order, nor alphabetical), all you get is random even though the album tags are correct (when in id3v1, without utf8 ..)
- incapable of sorting your songs first by artist, then album; I mean, you select Motörhead and you get all your 100+ Motörhead tracks in random order
- you will get Mot rhead instead of the ö, same thing for Bjork if you're not into rock'n'roll

I don't know how people can cope with these gadgets.

Do you think the Fuze+ might be a good option ?
Heck, if I can get a Fuze I'll try Rockbox, that sounds fun.

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