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I agree completely. Further to that - MS need to push WP7 harder in advertising - focusing on specific capability more, not just "quicker, easier".


ADVERT - Show two mums with their kids playing. queue funny/cute kids event, one mum hits her generic phone, has to wake up phone, clear lock screen, launch camer app etc. WP7 mum clicks camera button, takes shot. Moment passes, WP7 mum= winner, happy snap taken - with generic phone mum asking (can you send me that picture please....and what phone is that you have...?) The mum responds - check the facebook app on your phone - that picture is already ther for you...Oh and my phone is a WP7 of course!

Also - they are going to have to push updates (minor and major) out to owners with some frequency and with some enhancements FOR FREE to get a leg up against android and apple. If they go to GEN2 hardware and stop supporting 1st version customers - or charge for updates, WP& will sink faster than the titanic.

my 20c

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