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Default [SOLVED] Need to charge through AC power / wall socket.

Hey guys,

I recently went on a vacation, and I had to trouble my colleagues who brought their laptops to charge my Fuze up for me, as I didn't bring mine. A year or two ago, I bought one of those wall USB chargers, that would help to charge iPods, thinking that it would work with my Sansa Fuze, but to my surprise, it didn't.

Could you guys please guide me in the right direction to the proper way of charging my Fuze through a power socket / AC power?

I live in India. And I have two USB Fuze cables with me. Also I can solder. Crudely, but I can. So please chip in with your recommendations on how to convert an iPod wall charger to get it to charge my Fuze. That too would be most appreciated.

Looking forward to your help,
Sorry for previously posting in the wrong forum,
Thanking you sincerely,

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Would be useful if you posted the brand name, specs, or a pic of the charger. Any AC-to-USB charger should deliver the same voltage, and should work with any USB device.
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wouldn't is be (not necessarily) cheaper and safer to just buy a normal usb charger?

just saying.
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Hi to both of you,

I sold of that iPod charger for the price I bought it to a friend who was in need of it. So I don't have that with me anymore. I sold it off, because it didn't work with my Sansa Fuze. What is a normal USB charger? Where can I get it? What do I ask the shop owner for? Are you sure it'll work with my Fuze?

Thanking you sincerely,
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Your existing cable and any USB wall charger should work. The wall charger, I use this one, just needs to provide the standard 5 volts. It doesn't matter if it's labeled as a phone, camera or mp3 player charger the current is the same as long as it's USB standard.
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Many many thanks to all who have contributed. I shall go ahead and mark this thread as solved now. I'll try to obtain a standard USB wall charger and try my luck again this time.

Thanking you all sincerely,
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