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As far as I know the Omnia, the European counterpart of the Focus, doesn't have an expansion slot. But I'll still carry my Zune HD along so the Zune section of my phone will probably hardly get any work.

Anyway, I choose Omnia because of the (in my opinion (a) ) best form factor (Way better than the Focus ofcourse *wink*) . It's a rectangle which fits perfectly with the design of the WP7 tiles. Another thing that was of influence was the brand. Samsung has always been very reliable (in contrast of LG with its cookie for example!!). Then of course, its screen, it is gorgeous. I thought the OLED screen of the Zune HD was awesome but this goes beyond it!

But why choose WP7? Well, I like choosing something else. Plus my brother and sister got an iPhone for their work and my other brother got a desire and I did not like those two. The icon style android and the iphone use is too clutterd for me. That was one of the reasons too that I prefered the HD over a iPod for example. Plus the Zune Software works really really well and I always had trouble with itunes with my mother's and brother's ipods. (Although, drag and drop with the Android device is still the best, but that goes without saying. )

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