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Originally Posted by Tupin View Post
Wait, it can play .mp4 files? I haven't gotten it to play anything other than .wmv.
I used to use Media Manager For Walkman (MMFW) and Media Go to convert files for my older Walkman (NWZ-A816, NWZ-A818, and NWZ-E438) and it converted them to .mp4 when loading them on my player. Media Go did a fairly good job of converting the files and loading them on my players, and the same was true with MMFW except it wasn't able to see my NWZ-E438 player.

Since I upgraded to my X-Series player, I've been using Content Transfer to put videos on my player and it works well. If your Walkman plays WMV files, then Content Transfer will automatically convert the video files into a compatible format before loading them on the player. It may take a while to do this, depending on the video size, but the process is automatic: just drop the video into the Content Transfer window and it will convert the video file (the settings give you the option of choosing image quality or size as the priority when converting) and then load the file on to your player. It has worked for me with the following formats: .avi, .mp4, .mpg.

As far as alphabetizing your video files on your player, one thing you could try is to sort the files in alphabetical order by name and then dragging and dropping them into Content Transfer in reverse alphabetical order. That may get them to appear on your player in the right order.
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