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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
Excellent review, as expected dfkt...I ask this on the comments. Can you shed a little light on how you find these e5s in terms of overall sound signature to the Panas?
The frequency response of both is of course very different, with the HJE900 having way more bass, and a more recessed midrange. The e-Q5's treble lacks the spikes that are found in the HJE900, so the Ortos lack that certain harshness that can be heard with the Panas (without some foam stuffed in their nozzles). Both have excellent dynamics and speed - that's one of the things I find so remarkable about the Panas, especially considering their low-ish price and being a dynamic driver design.

Originally Posted by The Larch View Post
I wondering where they will land on the iem spreadsheet.
Right above the e-Q7. Almost the same sound, better cable, cheaper.
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