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Default Loading Images in Lua

Hi Folks,

I am newbie to Lua.. My apologize if this forum is not a right place to ask about Lua 5.1 . I don't find any forums for Lua.

I am trying create a frame and load image as its background in Lua 5.1.

I noticed few sites showing 2 lines of code for loading aimage.
myimage = image.load("test.bmp");

But it throws error
lua: test.lua:1: attempt to index global 'image' (a nil value).

What .dll/module is used to load image in a frame?

Any help on this is would be appreciated.

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As for you question, We need more information, are you using lua on the x-fi2, psp, or using love lua, or the standerd lua library.
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if you want to program lua app for x-fi2 you should use simulator from creative to run it not standard lua.

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Default Loading Images in Lua

Thanks for the speedy reply. I use standerd Lua library.
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Maby you aren´t use the adk from zen xfi2
if you arent test it with the simulator and just test its with the lua intepreter you will get an error!
You have to test it with the simulator.
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