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Default Cool stuff I put together for Windows Phone

I started out knowing nothing about Visual Studio or C# (though I had a little java experience) and made some pretty cool, but simple applications. Don't know how to use Panorama or Pivot or switch Xaml pages yet.

This one, my first app, involves basic button and check-box controls. Nothing special.

This one was a little harder to do, involves variables.

This one involved basic if/else structure. I made an app that would generate random numbers and you had to guess them, but never got the chance to upload it onto youtube.

For those CSI fans out there, this one was by far the hardest to put together because Silverlight doesn't natively support audio playback, so I spent an hour looking on the internet putting together people's guides on referencing XNA and then playing back the file. Since I uploaded the video, it's been updated to have a check box that allows users to play the full version of the intro. I hope CBS doesn't mind :P

That's all for now, I guess. Windows Phone is a lot of fun to develop for. It would be awesome if you could leave some comments or suggestions below on what to do next.

Also, does anyone know where I can find a noob tutorial on Panorama or Pivot controls?
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Nice. I actually ordered a "Learning C# 2010" for noobs book from Amazon this week... Loving my WP7 so much that I reckon it would be cool to make some basic apps. I have plenty of ideas for them, just no ability to do them now lol.

I have an APP that an Aussie Developer is nearly ready to release based on an idea of mine though!

Good luck with your journey - sry can't help you with your questions.

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