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sorry for the bump but I saw no reason to make a new thread...

I'm having trouble getting my i9 to display album art on certain, specific albums. 99% of the time everything works fine, but then randomly I'll load an album and the player just won't show the artwork. I've tried a lot of things, including everything posted in this thread, different jpg sizes from different sources, jpgs that worked for other albums, loading only parts of the album, deleting the album from my cowon library and starting over... nothing.

it wasn't a big deal with the B-52's self-titled, but Brainticket's Psychonaut has a badass cover that's definitely worth fighting for, so here I am...

obviously it's something to do with the audio files themselves, not the jpegs. but for both albums, I have plenty of mp3 or flac files from the same two sources that haven't been a problem... these two albums just won't show the artwork.

anybody got any ideas???
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