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Default Cowon D3 Firmwares x.27



Google translate:

* Media Scanner
Media scan and scan performance improvements thumbnail

* * Home
Workspace Improving conversion rate between the drag Workspace
APPS workspace APPS APPS APPS touch of a button on a list of workspace and improve the switching speed between
APPS APPS list, scroll speed improvements

* DMB * DMB player
: Add a full-screen mode: While playing, touch screen and full screen mode

* * Music Player
Still occasional noise during playback
Fast Scroll Fast Scroll button to apply the list to the list a lot of the music content to move quickly, even if improvements

* * Electronic Dictionary
History of the word error correction Thesaurus
W W button, and then change the search mode, error correction during operation

* * Radio Player
, , Japan, China, Taiwan and the radio receiver sensitivity improvement
Radio is running the music player, media playback, press the button, run error correction

* * Video player
After the execution of the audio fade in the first hours of video playback speed

* * App Update
, eBook Jet beu Edie, Kyobo eBook
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So it looks like an attempted performance update?
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International versions 2/3/4.27 are out:

Media Scanner
Improved performance of media and thumbnail scanning.

Improved switching speed between Workspaces by dragging.
Improved switching speed between Workspace and APPS when an APPS button was touched.
Improved scrolling speed in APPS lists.

Music Player

Removed noise that was occurred occasionally when music was stopped.
Added Fast Scroll button in music lists to improve to scroll faster even many files are in the music list.

Improved radio reception in Japan, China and Taiwan.
Fixed the error that music player was started by media playback button was pressed when Radio was activated.

Video Player
Reduced the Audio fade in time of first video playback after the device was turned on.

APPS update
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