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Old 02-13-2011, 08:22 AM
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This will surely be a big deal for nokia+microsoft, but at the same time one of the problems with nokia has been that they announce the product too early and drum up a lot of anticipation but by the time the product is released there are better products in the market and the enthusiasm has died down.
With the teaser photo they have gone ahead and done it again (unless they actually put the phone out in 2-3 months) it is definitely a looker and then with wp7 so expectations are surely there (what with microsoft putting a bazillion dollars into wp7) and engadget is buzzing (3000 comments already).
Hoping that nokia pull it off this time, like many people around the world nokia holds a certain sentimental value for me but lately they have been in the dumps.
Was expecting a lot from Nokia in terms of Meego but turns out it will be a sideline project (like maemo) with one device per year for the community.(n800 n900)
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