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Default e280 plays, won't connect

Recently rockboxed my e280 v1, worked fine last week.

Not sure what happened over the weekend, but for the past couple of days it has played just fine (in both OF and rockbox), but the computer can't access it.

When I connect (in MSC mode), Windows (7 on one machine, Vista Business on another) "searches for content" on it for a long time (sometimes 5+ minutes). Eventually, it recognizes the device by name, but can find no content on it. I can't diskcheck or format it, because Windows "can't access" it; it "sees" it, but can't interact with it, and the player shows that it has "Disconnected" (though it continues to charge).

I tried reinstalling firmware in Recovery Mode, but that didn't help (though it continues to play the music on the device). And since I did that, rockbox is now gone (or at least inaccessible), so I can't even use that lovely new 8gb micro SD card.


EDIT: FWIW, Windows Media Player can see it in "MTP" mode (and it recognizes that it's nearly full). I'm not inclined to try to synch it, though.

And the more I think about it, the problem must be related to whatever is causing the USB mode to "disconnect" prematurely: that's why Windows keeps "looking" for it, because it disconnects after a few seconds (though, as I say, it keeps charging). Same result with different cables on different computers.

More EDIT: Somehow, I got it to stay connected in Recovery Mode, and instead of reinstalling the firmware, used the "sansa.fmt" option.

It's loading music OK and staying connected. Unless I update this later, assume that all is well. Thanks.

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I can’t think of a reason for your issues but I’d try a variety of things in the e200 forum, including reseating the daughter board. BTW, out of curiosity have you tried to connect it to an XP machine?

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It could be that the cable is bad.

Troubleshoot with another cable. Also as WalkGood suggested, try to connect on an XP machine. Furthermore, you could remove the driver under system settings and reinstall.

Report results.
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Sorry, I should have posted my results in a separate reply, rather than editing my initial question (but I was actually typing that before I got the first response!).

I never did figure out what was causing the problem (it happened with several different cables/computers), but when I got it to stay connected for a few minutes in Recovery Mode, I used the "sansa.fmt" solution (rather than trying to reinstall the firmware), and that took care of it.

Thanks for the responses, though.

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