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Originally Posted by Darkhyperchaos View Post
If it is around that price (400$ for 16GB), not only will I not get one, but it won't sell very well either. Right now, 16GB is not that much space, especially when a full-fledged app store is in the equation (Android Market). So paying that kind of money for the bare bones amount of memory will not work. I was realistically hoping for a price point like this:

8GB - 200$-230$ (Though for most people, 8GB is not even remotely enough space, and I think having a 8GB version of anything is pretty pointless)

16GB - 270$-300$

32GB - 330$-350$

Though if it was up to me, I Would only have 32GB and 64GB capacities, priced at 300$-330$ and 400$ respectively.

Also, I also would like to make it clear I'm talking about the 4 inch version, not the 5 inch, which I could see being a little more expensive. So all the numbers above are directed exclusively towards the 4 inch version.

If it indeed turns out to be that expensive, it'll just be thrown into the pile of failed iPod Touch competitors. This device has the specs, but it also needs to have a competitive price point.
I definitely agree with you on the price. With 16gb Zune HDs selling for $150, I won't pay over $250 for 16gb, even with way more apps, cameras, flash, and all that stuff. Upwards of 400 I might just get a phone without a contract. I agree on the 8gb size being pointles too, with firmware it'll be down to about five and a half anyway, and that's maybe an hour of hd video. Unless price is competitive people will opt for thinner devices with more established music capabilities and higher resolution screens. I don't know about the 5 inch being more expensive though. Even with a larger screen, price can be kept down while still maintaining features; its easier to fit all these features into a device with a so much larger chassis. Also, at 5 inches it runs the risk of becoming a niche type of product, too big to fit in the average pocket, not worth sticking in a backpack you could fit a notebook or laptop in. I'll certainly get one of these, if the price is low enough.


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