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Default Any good tips for noobs using Rockbox? Clip+?

Hi I just purchased a sansa clip+ last week and installed rockbox on it. I find the SQ is much better with rockbox and very comparable to my cowon j3.

I read the manual and just scratching my head at all of the settings and just tons of information they put in there.

Any basic tips for beginners? I can't even get the recently added to work right.
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Sound quality isn’t any different unless you are using the EQ, crossfeed or other sound enhancements. Besides sound enhancements there’s a well endowment of features that make the difference. Best recommendation is to read the manual again and play with the features that will most benefit your use.

"I can't even get the recently added to work right." This depends on if you’re using file browser or database browser, read through those sections and select which one fits your style best.

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Best Rockbox I know. Read the manual.

I'd say read everything at least through the Main Menu. It makes more sense when you've got the player close by to push the buttons and see what happens.

Try things out while following the directions in the manual. Remember Rockbox only has a few buttons to do a LOT of things. A button can perform different actions depending on where you're at on the menu tree. In most places a long press will bring up a Context menu. I'd become familiar with that. A tremendous amount of what makes Rockbox a tweakers dream lies in the Context menus.

Save .cfg files frequently, they'll let you get back to where you were when you push a button and don't get what you expected. Don't be afraid to try things, I can't think of anything I've ever did in Rockbox that physically damaged the player and I've done some really stupid things.

If you run into issues post them with as much info as you can. "The database doesn't work right" doesn't give anyone anything to work with. I've found that a number of times working through the steps to write it down has solved the problem.

Don't fall for the placebo that it sounds better in Rockbox than the OF. You can make it sound different, not better.
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I know that the Rockbox manual can seem initimating at first, especially if you're not a gadget manual geek. My best recommendation--just skim the manual to find the information most pertinent to you (such as, the sections on the navigation and selection of music, the selection of display screen "themes," etc.), read that, and flag other interesting sections to come back to later. But keep in mind that even skimming the Rockbox manual will be more than reading the instructions for a new electric can opener--just be patient.

Note that for many people, many sections of the Rockbox manual will never come into play--don't let that intimidate you, and just pass those sections by. But it's there, if you're the type who likes to make the most of the firmware and to tweek.
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