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Default Puzzles

The Puzzles package contains a collection of 27 small one-player puzzle games, which were initially developed by Simon Tatham for Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.
The actual games in this collection are re-implementations of many well known classic puzzles. The puzzle collection for Android contains of the following games:
1. Black Box: Locate the balls inside the box by firing lasers and observing how they are deflected or absorbed.
2. Bridges: Connect the islands with the given bridge counts so no bridges are crossing.
3. Cube: Roll the cube to collect all the paint.
4. Dominosa: Pair the numbers to form a complete and distinct set of dominoes.
5. Fifteen: Slide tiles around to form a grid in numerical order.
6. Filling: Number the squares to form regions with the same number, which is also the size of the region.
7. Flip: Turn over squares until all are light side up, but flipping one flips its neighbours.
8. Galaxies: Divide the grid into 180-degree rotationally symmetric regions each centred on a dot.
9. Guess: Guess the hidden colour sequence: black is correct, white is the correct colour in the wrong place.
10. Inertia: Move the ball around to collect all the gems without hitting a mine.
11. Light Up: Place lamps so all squares are lit, no lamp lights another and numbered squares have the given number of adjacent lamps.
12. Loopy: Draw a single unbroken and uncrossing line such that numbered squares have the given number of edges filled.
13. Map: Copy the 4 colours to colour the map with no regions of the same colour touching.
14. Mines: Uncover all squares except the mines using the given counts of adjacent mines.
15. Net: Rotate tiles to connect all tiles to the centre tile.
16. Netslide: Slide rows and columns to connect all tiles to the centre tile.
17. Pattern: Fill the grid so that the numbers are the length of each stretch of black tiles in order.
18. Pegs: Remove pegs by jumping others over them, until only one is left.
19. Rectangles: Divide the grid into rectangles containing only one number, which is also the area of the rectangle.
20. Same Game: Remove groups (2 or more) of the same colour to clear the grid, scoring more for larger groups.
21. Sixteen: Slide rows and columns around to form a grid in numerical order.
22. Slant: Draw diagonal lines in every square such that circles have the given numbers of lines meeting at them and there are no loops.
23. Solo: Fill the grid so each block, row and column contains exactly one of each digit.
24. Tents: Place tents so each tree has a separate adjacent tent (not diagonally), no tents are next to each other (even diagonally) and the row and column counts are correct.
25. Twiddle: Rotate groups of 4 to form a grid in numerical order.
26. Unequal: Enter digits so every row and column contains exactly one of each digit and the greater-than signs are satisfied.
27. Untangle: Move points around until no lines c
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