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Originally Posted by ©reative View Post
Firstly, yes it would be possible. Things such as scrolling the map (panning, moving around) would be somewhat simple. Rotating would NOT work currently. Location searches, etc... would also be do-able (I think). The problem, in my opinion, would be getting the images of the world (this is where internet connectivity would come in on a capable device-you could load only the pics for that location). It would have to be pieces (400x240 pixels each, at the largest, although web-based maps are already made that way, so not really an issue). With the thousands of images required to span the globe, it would be a LARGE app. Perhaps we could just include the images for our current area, except that the users of this forum are from everywhere: US, Europe, etc...
In other words, it would be only moderately difficult to program, but getting footage for the maps is another matter.
Wow, I never really believed it would be possible. Thanks.
Perhaps whoever makes it should make it with street maps (no aerial/satellite). That would be seriously easier (but still hard).
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