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Originally Posted by odigg View Post
What's wrong with Google app store? Is there more to it than just the number of apps? What makes the IOS and WP7 stores superior?

I know very little about the mobile app space because I don't have any devices that use these types of stores. So I'm asking this question quite seriously. I only know about the OVI store, but I have no comment on that
Google doesn't do any moderation of the Android Market as Apple and Microsoft do. While it is possible for rogue apps to get through the Apple/MS police, there's no one to go through on the Google side. Apps are only removed AFTER the fact.

The Android Market allows for a lot of warez as well. I've had friends post an app, only to have someone else rename it, upload it, and charge a higher price (or a price for a formerly free app). Google doesn't seem to care, short of a DMCA notice or lawsuit, as they get a cut from these sales.

Lastly, Google allows carriers to block apps. So, if you buy an app while as a T-Mobile customer, then switch to Verizon, you may have to then repurchase the same app from the Verizon store (these include games like Need For Speed Shift and Tetris by EA). Currently, Verizon is the only carrier in the entire world doing this, though some developers, like EA, also block apps by region (they have three versions of Need for Speed Shift on the Market based on carrier/region).

And while people complain about Apple/MS "policing" their apps, it would be ok on Android because side-loading (the ability to download an app from another store or off a website and install it manually) is allowed on any phone other than those locked on AT&T.

Overall, the Android Market is a massive fail. I don't even buy apps from it anymore and can't wait for Amazon's Android app store. I'm a huge advocate of Android, but I simply cannot recommend it unless you either want something more feature filled than iOS/WP7 (and the lesser user friendliness that accompanies it), or you want a dirt cheap/free phone that replaces a feature phone. Otherwise, you can purchase an iPhone on AT&T for $49, or phones using WP7 for $100.

Oh and for those holding out for WP7 on Verizon, the HTC Trophy is launching March 24th.
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