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Yes, rockbox is indeed playlist oriented. I build a playlist every day when I go for a walk on the beach.

I ripped almost all of my music myself from my own CD library. The rest is a few live bootlegs from the web. I've checked every track with mp3tag and stripped the tagging down to the bare minimum. I became very familiar with the concept of tagging when I had a problem with my Cowon D2+, a player that is notorious for being picky with tags.

I embed album art (at 400 x 400) because I find it's more reliable across the several portable and fixed devices I use to play my music. No need to think does this one want 'folder.jpg' or 'cover.jpg' or 'album.jpg' or whatever.

That long screed is just to say that if you're saying my problem was down to the tagging of my music, I don't think so.
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