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Default browse ID3 by "album artist"?

Is it possible to browse by "album artist", rather than artist? I am in the habit of browsing genre>album artist>album and then playing entire albums in correct track order. However, on the i9 it appears I can't do that. Right under genre everything defaults to simply "artist" and that means my entire albums can't be browsed (at least for my many albums which consist of multi-artist compilations).

I guess I am going to have to start using folder mode, since I have my stuff organized this way in windows. Sigh. I have been using WMP11 for years and years with my old Creative Zen.
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Well, I found that Media Monkey will properly construct folder hierarchy on the device (genre>album artist>album), unlike WMP11. That's nice.

However, browsing by folder still isn't that great because when you select the folder you want, it won't play in correct track order-- unlike ID3 browsing.

I really thought I would be excited about finally owning a Cowon device that allows plain folder browsing, but without the ability to play in proper track order, I'm not so excited anymore.
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well, mine is playing in correct track order when a) files are correctly named including track number, b) shuffle mode is turned off and c) you're selecting the first track to start with.
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