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If I've understood correctly what you want, this is what I would do...

Choose songs to build up a playlist like this: from the main menu, go to "Music" and "All tracks"; tap the menu icon on the RHS, and choose "Add tracks"; scroll through the list and tick the songs you want; tap "Yes" at the bottom when you're done. (You can also choose to add individual songs from the track lists of each album, tracks by genre, tracks by artist, or whole albums in a similar way.)

You can now save this playlist for another time if you want: from the main menu, go to "Music" and "Now Playing"; tap the menu icon (at the bottom) and choose "Save as playlist".

Then to get them in a random order: still at the "Now Playing" screen, tap the menu icon and choose "Play Mode" followed by "Shuffle" or "Shuffle Repeat".

If you want to get this playlist back another time, it should be under "Music" and "Playlists". Also note that changing the play mode affects every time you play anything, not just the current playlist.

Hope that helps.
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