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This is really common and I have bought "broken" Vision Ms off ebay just to find that if I plugged it in to a Creative Wall charger the player comes back to life.
Yes, if the battery runs down all the way the players have all kinds of weird problems.
If you dont have a wall charger, you can take the back plate off the player and VERY CAREFULLY pull the battery free from the circuit board. Be careful because you can pull the connector right off the board. Then you are Fked unless you have mad soldering skills. But if you do it right, when you plug the battery back in, your player MIGHT come alive.
The other option is a new battery. this opens up another whole can of worms because you have to downgrade the firmware to make the battery work. Ha ha ha. have i lost you yet?
PM me if you need help with this as I wont check back to this listing as it is kinda old.
Good luck.
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