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Default Windows Phone 7 and Ford Sync

So I just got a Samsung Focus (upgraded from an HTC Aria). Love the interface! I used to own a Zune HD and loved it as well.

I own a 2010 Ford Fusion. I was able to pair my phone via bluetooth to the car's SYNC system. However, when I try to plug the phone via the usb port to listen to my music, SYNC will not detect the phone.

What's up with that!? Aren't WP7 and SYNC both Microsoft technologies? My Zune HD worked great with SYNC over USB. So why not Windows Phone 7?

Sure, I can stream music over bluetooth, but I notice a drop in sound fidelity...and I cannot use any of SYNC voice commands.

I personally view this as a huge oversight on Microsoft's part...and a really bummer for me. Hope there's a software fix soon.
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My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that SYNC only takes songs over USB via two methods - USB mass storage (like a thumb drive, an Android phone, a Sansa Clip, etc.), and Apple products. Last I checked, Sync was completely incompatible with my Zune HD.

Like I said to Dave before, MS needs to learn how to make their products integrate better. If they still have this incompatibility going between Sync and WP7, that's a sick joke and another nail in the coffin for me. I just ordered a 2011 Ford Fusion (for me) and a 2011 Ford Edge (for the wife) and anticipate them being here in the next few weeks. Her iPhone and my Droid worked just fine in the Edge we drove.
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I can confirm that Sync works great with a Zune HD. All voice controls are available on the Zune.

On a Samsung Focus, however, it does not work when connected through USB. As the original post said, it does work with bluetooth streaming, but then you lose the voice commands. It's not a WP7 issue entirely -- my Samsung Captivate (running Android) also does not stream when connected via USB. It does work with bluetooth streaming.

I think it's not so much an issue with WP7 or Sync itself, but what USB drivers may be available within Sync.

In the meantime, I just keep a Zune connected to my Mustang and love it.
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