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Old 04-07-2011, 10:14 PM
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I've never noticed a difference in processing speed. They both respond very well. The Fuze scroll wheel is vulnerable to dust and moisture. However if a reasonable amount of care is exercised there's no reason either should fail. The scroll wheel on my V1 Fuze works a smoothly as the day I first got it over 2 years ago.

The screen on the Fuze is also easily scratched. I put a generic screen protector on mine. When I change the screen protector every 6 months or so due the edges rolling up a bit the screen underneath is like new. TBH, I believe the driving force behind the Fuze was to compete withe the iPod that had just been introduced at that time. Several corners were cut to keep the price low. That doesn't necessarily make it a shoddy product, just not as stoutly built as the Clip.

The only advantage to a higher speed class rating on a microsdhc card when it comes to mp3 players is transfer speed. The slowest class 2 card won't lag the internal performance of a player. The slowest card made is still much faster than any internal operation including decoding video.

As to Rockbox vs. OF stability, the OF wins. It's pretty much a finished product that's designed to fill the needs of the average user. Rockbox is a project that is continuously being updated. That doesn't mean it will be less stable but it can be. I've got a build from just before the 3.8 relesse that has never misbehaved in any way. I'd match it against the OF any day. Of course it pounds the OF into the ground when it comes to customization options.

The battery life on a Rockboxed V1 Fuze is much less thsn that of the Rockboxed V2 Fuze. There's some things that just haven't been figured out yet. For that reason I usually spend at least some time in the OF when I'm using my Fuze. I've found that there's some differences I prefer but nothing deal breaking.

If Rockbox vanished I'd still enjoy my Clip and Fuze. I'd be more than a bit unhappy about it though. Once you get use to the freedom and flexibility Rockbox offers it's hard to go back.
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