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Cool My first application EVER is now on the Marketplace!

It's called "Date and Time Calculator". It finds the current date/time, then you can choose to add or subtract a certain amount of days/months/years or secs/mins/hours and it'll spit out the exact date/time.

I had to run a total of 3 submissions before it got into the marketplace. The first one failed because the app wouldn't launch on any of the test phones (most likely an upload error). The second one failed because I had no idea that Pivot, by default, supported the White theme. One of the images you couldn't see because it was white, and it mixed with the white background, so, again, testing failed. Third one was huge success.

Here's a screenshot:

Why yes, I am super proud of myself. You can find it on the Marketplace by searching for "Date and Time".

And here it is on the marketplace.

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Congratulations! Looks like a very handy app. I don't have WP7 yet (carrier doesn't have any). Best of luck, hope you get tons of downloads!
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Brian, great job! I actually had to use a web-based app least year to calculate sentence end dates for Article 15/Courts Martial. A quicker app like yours would have been useful for me.
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Thanks guys! I've been starting to develop simple applications to just gain experience.


Flashlight Pro (this one might get to the marketplace)
-Practice in switching Xaml pages
-Practice in button control (specifically, the back button)
-Practice in other system things (prevent sleep)
-Use of a global/static var
-Color to brush conversion

Dumb? Yes. Too many already exist? Yes. But it's good experience, and hey, the more the merrier.
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Good work
I've got some stuff that I can't wait to get on the marketplace, but have to try find a way around them not allowing South Africans :'(
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Congratz (belated) !!! Nice work. I've just applied for DEV status as well (learning coding and using APPMKR Beta for WP7).
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Thanks for the positive responses guys! D&TCalc has reached over 150 downloads since its release.

Another one of my applications have been published - Random Number Generator. Press a button and it spits out random numbers. Supports a user-edited min and max from 0-99999. Some history support as well (I really need to learn listboxes).

Here are some photos:

Search "Random number gen" and you should find it.
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Congrats! Great to see app development like this.

Cheers, Dave.
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